Bring STEM to life in STEM City!

We our proud of our passion to embed learning content in real-world scenarios. Here are a few interactives that we've developed.

My City

See how basic math and statistical principles apply to everyday life. This interactivity takes place in downtown Chicago. Explore parallel and transverse lines, surface area, percentages, and probability in a fun way!

Explore My City

Natural Selection

Observe natural selection at work! Watch what happens to black and white moths under different predation and environment conditions. Which moths have a higher chance of producing offspring?

Explore Natural Selection

Biology Lab

Start your biology career with a biology laboratory example! Explore measurements and the metric system as well as pH levels of common fluids. Finally, discover macromolecules and how they are detected in the lab.

Explore Biology Lab

Statistics Terms

Quiz yourself on how quickly you can match up statistical terms to their definitions! How fast can you go!?

Explore Definition Matching Game
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